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Basic 1 inch Round Nose Crook - Ebony

Basic 1" Round Nose Crook - Ebony
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Strong and easy-to-use, the Basic 1 inch Round Nose Crook Ebony Walking Cane is specially designed for people who suffer from walking disabilities. It is made of the best quality ash wood that is kiln-cured and treated with water-resistant finish. This ensures greater strength and resistance against common issues like damage due to seepage of water/moisture. It has an easy-grip Crook Handle. It also has rubber tips for ensuring better grip on wet or slippery surfaces. This Crook Handle Ebony Cane has a 36 inches standard length. You can get it cut according to your preferences. Its’ 1-inch diameter shaft gives additional strength. Elegant and functional to the core, this walking cane wears a beautiful Ebony finish that complements the rich wood. Besides a walking aid, it is the ideal accessory for weddings, theaters, etc.
WCN Number: 9-0035-16